Volkswagen LT35 camper conversion

Easy driver

Driving a van is way more easy then a huge camper because of some obvious reasons. A van will not be extremely wide, can fit most car parking lots and drives not bad at all. But of course you will lose the race against a car or minicamper if you come across roundabouts or curvy mountain roads..

Stealth parking

A big white camper will draw a lot of attention when parking in urban areas, or off grid. Imagine a van in the city center.. If you don't mind the city noise at night you can easily park wherever you want. A van will also be easier to 'hide' if you're going for a adVANture in the forest compared to a big white RV.

Easy off grid

Getting your camper to that one spot on Park4night can be a pain if your van is to long, high or wide. Especially the overhang behind the rear wheels and almost no ground clearance can be a pain. Vans offer more maneuverability and a lot of storage for longer periods off grid.


First of all Jesse and Dorien are friends Joren and Emma met on the road. These two crazy fellow Dutchies were also living in their van full-time when Joren and Emma met them in real life for the first time. They got in touch over Instagram, met up for Christmas, and stayed together for more then 3 weeks. They were traveling with their dog Viktor who was still a young pup when Joren and Emma met them. Their van was perfect to spend the colder nights in because they have made a very comfortable couch which converts to a bed in a blink of an eye. Jesse and Dorien have converted their Blue Super Van all by themselves from scratch. 

Jesse and Dorien bought their Blue van from a sheep farmer who used to transport the sheep milk around with the van before he sold it to Jesse and Dorien. Little did the sheep farmer know that this van would become one of the coziest home on wheels!

The van was carefully built step by step. All the rust was taken care of before the insulation and interior went in.

Jesse and Dorien have spent hours and hours on this build and everything was well thought out. Measure 5 times, cut once!  

Every part of rust was taken care of. This is possibly the most overlooked aspect in building a van. You will never get to reach the base after the van is finished.

When you are halfway the build, the van looks like this most of the time. It’s overwhelming at some points, but keep focusing on the goal and step by step you will reach the end result of your dreams!

The cozy couch is a great feature in the BlueSuperVan 
Open the back doors and enjoy the view! 
#homeiswhereyouparkit done perfectly well!

The van is called BlueSuperVan. You van find them on Instagram under the same. name.  If you want to know everything of this vanbuild you need to check out the vanbuild video about the BlueSuperVan

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