Camper conversions

Over the last couple of years we’ve not only converted our own vans, we have also met fellow vanlifers down the road with inspiring vanconversions.

Is it easy to convert a van into a camper? We think it all depends on your needs. 
We will go deeper into the vanbuild videos on this website with all the information you need to know about converting a minicamper or a big van.


The converted vans on our YouTube channel
Citroën Berlingo minicamper

This was the first real vanconversion we have done. Based on a Citroën Berlingo this van was converted to a minicamper to spend weekends and holidays in. This van has everything we needed and it was our perfect daily driver during weekdays, and getaway car in the weekend.

Volkwagen Caddy budget minicamper

It runs in the family.. Joren his niece and her boyfriend also converted their Volkswagen Caddy to a minicamper. Not only do they have a very comfortable couch inside their van, they can also fit a small motorcycle inside the van! They have this van built to a Caddy minicamper on a budget and it's eay to take the camper parts out again.

Volkwagen Caddy minicamper

This red Volkswagen minicamper belongs to Emma's parents. Inspired by the Citroën Berlingo minicamper they bought the Volkswagen caddy and converted the van to a minicamper. The camper unit can be taken out very easy to convert it back to a normal car.

Home is where you park it
Volkswagen LT 35 camper conversion

Jesse and Dorien are living fulltime in their converted Volkswagen LT35 camper. They are traveling around in Europe with their dog Viktor who was still a puppy when they left the Netherlands.
The van has a cosy couch which can easily fit 4 persons and transforms into a descent size bed.

Peugeot Boxer Camper conversion

Joren and Emma call this home for more than 2 years. This camper conversion has it all. From comfortable working space to even a shower and a huge storage space under the bed. The Peugeot Boxer camper conversion also has a rooftop terrace for awesome views at sundown.

Iveco Daily camper conversion

Erik and Lisa are traveling around the world and are currently exploring Europe with their Iveco Daily camper conversion. This van has everything you'll need on the road and it's not even a long wheel base!
Just like the Peugeot Boxer they have a roof terrace on top of their van.

It's easy to meet friends on the road. Be The Xception
Mercedes-Benz MB100

Saskia and Chris have built their second van! It's an old Mercedes-Benz with extra style points. This van is built on a budget and it can still fit a motorcycle!
Check it out! .