Citroën Berlingo Minicamper

Everday driver

A minicamper has the perfect size for a daily driven car. When you don't want a big van to drive you to work or to get your groceries a minicamper is great! It offers the comfort of a normal car, with the features of a camper.

Stealth parking

A big white camper will draw a lot of attention when parking in urban areas, or off grid. Imagine a minicamper in the city center.. If you don't mind the city noise at night you can easily park wherever you want. Also a small vehicle will be easy to 'hide' if you're going for a adVANture in the forest

Easy off grid

Getting your camper to that one spot on Park4night can be a pain if your van is to long, high or wide. A minicamper offers great maneuverability in thight spots, so you can go almost anywhere! The only limitation of a minicamper is that you need a lot of storage to stay off grid for a longer period.

Converting a van into a minicamper step by step.

The first thing getting done while converting the Citroën Berlingo into a minicamper was getting the seats out.

After the removal of the seat a wooden floor went in and this was being held in the original seat mounts. There was no insulation work being done in this vanbuild, especially because the space in a minicamper is very limited and it was mainly meant for summer and off season trips.

After the floor was in it was time to build the frame for the bed, couch and table.

The construction of the bed, drawers and table was made with care. During the process of building the minicamper the van was constantly tested if the seating position was comfortable enough, and converting from couch into bed mode was going smooth. 

The frame itself was 30cm high, a foam mattress will add approximately 10cm of height. this was well thought out.

The minicamper has a nice lounge couch to enjoy the sun going down or reading a book somewhere in nature.

At night the bed is couch is being transformed into a bed of 185cm by 122cm and curtains all around give you the privacy needed.

Having breakfast can be done anywhere you like. Just open the door, slide out the kichen and you’ll find a workspace and a stove to cook your coffee on.

After using the Berlingo minicamper for 2 years it was time to say goodbye. Time for something a bit bigger so it would enable full-time vanlife. We have made a minicamper video about  the van which you might want to see.

The Citroën Berlingo was the first real step into fulltime vanlife for Joren and Emma. If you want to know everything of this vanbuild you need to check out the vanbuild video about this minicamper.

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