How to get your van unstuck


Always be prepared.

Take gear with you at all time and be prepared to get your van stuck. It can be a pain in the ass so make sure your equipment is there. 
We always carry traction boards, shovels, a winch, air compressor and snow chains on all of our trips. 

Even on a campsite you can bury your van on soft wet grass just to know.


A van is heavy and not ideal for off-road driving. Still it can be done just fine with the right upgrades. Start off with decent tyres. Go for 50/50 tyres like the General Grabber AT3, BF Goodrich AT KO2 or Cooper AT3 4S. Just make sure you find the right tyre for your kind of usage and check the load index for the weight of your van. If it's possible try to lift your van a few inches. This will result in more clearance which gives more acces to tricky trails.

Driving skill

Driving skills are so important when it comes to off-road driving. Never go faster as you can see ahead and if you get your van buried: keep calm and don't go crazy on the throttle.
Most of the time you'll be able to drive out of it if you drive slow and don't spin your wheels. 

If you notice you get deeper stop and evaluate the situation. If you have a spotter it will be easier but when you're alone be extra careful.
The worst thing that can happen is that you have to wait a few hours for help.

We’ve tried our best to get the van stuck in the mud on purpose.
You can check out the video to be prepared for your own adventures off-road.

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