Iveco camper conversion

Easy driver

Driving a van is way more easy then a huge camper because of some obvious reasons. A van will not be extremely wide, can fit most car parking lots and drives not bad at all. But of course you will lose the race against a car or minicamper if you come across roundabouts or curvy mountain roads..

Stealth parking

A big white camper will draw a lot of attention when parking in urban areas, or off grid. Imagine a van in the city center.. If you don't mind the city noise at night you can easily park wherever you want. A van will also be easier to 'hide' if you're going for a adVANture in the forest compared to a big white RV.

Easy off grid

Getting your camper to that one spot on Park4night can be a pain if your van is to long, high or wide. Especially the overhang behind the rear wheels and almost no ground clearance can be a pain. Vans offer more maneuverability and a lot of storage for longer periods off grid.

The vanbuild.

The Iveco Daily van is owned by Erik and Lisa. Traveling the world they ran into their current home called ‘Fred’. This van is was built by the father of Erik and was mainly practical. Lisa and Erik decided to give the Iveco Daily camper their own touch by painting the van, putting in a new floor, mount a bullbar and a roof terrace and some more finishing touches.

The van is taking Lisa and Erik anywhere they want without a problem. Lisa and Erik are 2 enthusiastic travelers with their own website aimed on traveling. Check it out on 

The van has some really nice features some other vans don’t have. This is a shame and you’re missing out if you don’t have it.

Just before Erik and Lisa went on their trip with the van they have upgraded their van with some nice extra touches like the bull bar and the rooftop terrace.

Erik and Lisa believe they have 2 left hands, but is that the truth? They have made their home on wheels really cozy and maybe they have not been able to make stuff themselves, they know who to turn to about questions how to make it.


It’s all about the details. The van would look better if the rims were painted black. So just before hitting the road Erik and Lisa painted the rims.

Money can’t buy you happiness..
But it can buy you a van! Have you ever seen a unhappy person in a van?

Don’t think so! 
Lisa can relate to this!

With great precision all of the plastic parts undertook some polishing work. Makes it look fresh and new!

The van is home to Erik and Lisa. Everything is well thought out and it’s all covered in the vanbuild video. Check it out and if you have any questions feel free to ask! 

If you want to know more about Lisa and Erik and how they are doing on their journey around the world?
Head over to and find out!

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