Mercedes-Benz MB100

Compact but spacious

The MB100 is great to have as a camper. Because it's a small van from the outside, but spacious inside you can easily park it anywhere you want. Still you have plenty of room to build a campervan out of it.


Saskia and Chris have built their van in a way so it can be easily transformed into a worker van.

At the time they were building their house they used the MB100 frequently to get supplies. 


An old van has a lot of style points. Also this red MB100 is looking awesome! It needs some more love, but hey... who doesn't?
If you don't mind putting some love and attention in a van you will love a old van like this!

This Meredes-Benz MB100 is cheap, easy and versatile. Not to mention the extra style points you get when driving a van like this!|Check out the video and fall in love with this red machine! vanbuild video about this minicamper.

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