Volkswagen Caddy Minicamper

Everday driver

A minicamper has the perfect size for a daily driven car. When you don't want a big van to drive you to work or to get your groceries a minicamper is great! It offers the comfort of a normal car, with the features of a camper.

Stealth parking

A big white camper will draw a lot of attention when parking in urban areas, or off grid. Imagine a minicamper in the city center.. If you don't mind the city noise at night you can easily park wherever you want. Also a small vehicle will be easy to 'hide' if you're going for a adVANture in the forest

Easy off grid

Getting your camper to that one spot on Park4night can be a pain if your van is to long, high or wide. A minicamper offers great maneuverability in thight spots, so you can go almost anywhere! The only limitation of a minicamper is that you need a lot of storage to stay off grid for a longer period.

A full size couch in a minicamper?

This Volkswagen Caddy minicamper has a really nice feature. 
In this minicamper you’ll find a nice and cozy couch. Sure you’ll have to cook outside instead of a slide out kitchen, but hey…. This minicamper is made for summer and on a budget so how awesome is this!? 
Also this minicamper has another very special trick…

A motorcyle inside a minicamper.

The Volkswagen Caddy minicamper has room for a little motorcycle! How cool is that!? This Skyteam Dax 110cc motorcycle has a foldable steer, so it fits inside the minicamper perfectly! 

The minicamper has a nice lounge couch Which converts to a spacious bed in just a second! Lightweight and well thought out!

Saskia and Chris are happy with their build which is low budget and super easy to install

This is a low budget Volkswagen caddy minicamper with everything you’ll need on a holiday plus a cool extra feature!

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Check out the video on YouTube here! vanbuild video about this minicamper.

This video was recorded in the summer of 2019. Currently Saskia and Chris are working on a new van. Join the channel to see what they’re up to!

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