Citroën Berlingo budget Minicamper

Everday driver

A minicamper has the perfect size for a daily driven car. When you don't want a big van to drive you to work or to get your groceries a minicamper is great! It offers the comfort of a normal car, with the features of a camper.

Stealth parking

A big white camper will draw a lot of attention when parking in urban areas, or off grid. Imagine a minicamper in the city center.. If you don't mind the city noise at night you can easily park wherever you want. Also a small vehicle will be easy to 'hide' if you're going for a adVANture in the forest

Easy off grid

Getting your camper to that one spot on Park4night can be a pain if your van is to long, high or wide. A minicamper offers great maneuverability in thight spots, so you can go almost anywhere! The only limitation of a minicamper is that you need a lot of storage to stay off grid for a longer period.

From daily driver to getaway camper.

This Volkswagen Caddy minicamper is built with one thing in mind: The camper part has to come out easy, and turning it into a daily driver with a backseat has to be done in just a few minutes. 
The builders of this van succeeded in this, because the camper is built with only the necessary materials, reused materials and it’s easy to install.

The minicamper has a comfortable bed for 2 persons, a simple slide-out kitchen and room for storage under the bed. For camping trips in the weekend you will be perfectly fine with this van, but also a few weeks is not a problem.

The Volkswagen Caddy is great for converting into a minicamper, because the length of the van is ideal for a full size length bed.

The construction of the minicamper is lightweight and fairly cheap. You will find enough storage space underneath the bed to store food, clothes and other camping gear. 2 big crates are underneath the bed and the design of the structure is measured around those crates. 

The minicamper van conversion has a large bed which will easily fit two adults. The foam mattress is custom cut in multiple parts and held together with velcro if the bed is made. In this way the mattress will not part from each other during the night and it stays in position perfectly.

Lift the backdoor and everything is in reach! A minicamper conversion is a great idea if you like little adventures and love to go out camping often.

There is plenty of storage to be found underneath the bed. Easy accessible from the back of the van.As you can see the structure of the frame is more than needed. Easy, reliable, cheap and functional.  

Just open the door, slide out the kitchen and you’ll find a workspace and a stove to cook your coffee on. A lot of rain or wind? No Problem! just take the stove somewhere else!

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vanbuild video about this minicamper.

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